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Dorian, zaljubljenik u nogometne igrice - posesebice u Fifu-u. Stvara raznovrstan content koji je baziran na Fifi - draft, komentiranje najboljih poteza drugih igrača i slično. Posjetite njegov kanal te nam javite tko je bolji - Dorian ili Idžo.



PvtMole is White Shark's first brand ambassador. His primary focus is mobile esport like Clash Royale, but he doesn't neglect battle royale games, like Fortnite, either. He is known as Dr Mole among his fans.



AdnanBro was White Shark's first brand ambassador outside of Croatia. He is especially loved among the youth. Wherever he comes, a line for taking a photo with him is a bit longer. His main content is GTA San Andreas, but he gives a chance to other games as well. 

Imperator FX-4

Imperator FX

Imperator FX, called Impe, is a widely known name on the Balkan YouTube scene. He's favored among the younger population.Impe is truly dedicated to growing his channel, which can be seen by the numbers. He puts out at least one video a day. At least! His main focus is Fortnite, BrawlStars, and Minecraft. Visit his channel and see what we're talking about.




Idžo, known for playing sports titles such as FIFA and meme review. Just like Pewdiepie Idžo reviews memes send by his loyal followers ,and comments of the,." If you want to improve your skill in FIFI, you can take a look at the Idžo channel and "steal" a couple of his moves.



Meci, the audience loves him, he is very interesting to watch, and his gaming skills are to be jealous of. His favourite game is, of course, Fortnite.



Ultraplex, one of the best Fortnite players from Balkan region! High kill game, total domination - that's what you can expect from Ultra. Visit his YouTube channel. 



Vanja is our youngest, and we dare to say the most lovable YouTuber. Don't let his age fool you, he's serious about a good Fornite game. With his special attitude and honest approach, he gets new fans wherever he goes. Vanja is especially popular among the youth that sees him as a friend. Visit his channel and give some love, he definitely deserves it!




Sarezza - beautiful, likeable, playing like a PRO. GTA, League of Legends are the main content of her channel. You can upgrade your skill watching Sarezza`s live streams and videos.



Pavke is among the best Fortnite players of the Balkan YouTube scene. He is best known as a streamer, but he's prone to releasing other types of content as well. Pavke mostly plays Fortnite and BrawlStars. As he says, fun and a good laugh are his priority, but he provides much more - high-quality tense games. For him, this is just a beginning, we believe the potential is huge. Check out his channel and enjoy!




50N3 is best known for his consistency of uploading and interesting videos. Well known gaming YouTuber from Balkans. 50N3 mostly plays Fortnite and Roblox.



Endritmaps Tv-12

Endritmaps Tv

Endritmaps Tv, above all, he is an excellent Fortnite player. People love watching his gameplays, which we dare to say, are on the pro level. Make sure to visit his channel, sit back in your White Shark chair, and enjoy!




JasonPlay, he's loved among the younger population that enjoys his streams. Jason mostly plays Fortnite and streams daily.



CholaPC, definitely one of the most charismatic players on the Balkan YouTube scene. He was among the first few to stream video games in the Balkans area. Also, Chola streams on Twitch under the nickname SquattingSlavZ. If you like PUBG, check out his channel, but keep the volume down.



Gafi, the younger population loves him and enjoys his streams every day. Another reason people love to watch his streams in that he streams together with his nephew and sometimes loses to him... Usually, he streams Fortnite.



Nedim Lepić is one of the most popular vloggers in the Balkans, but he enjoys gaming as well. A great streamer and a big showman above all, making the stream really enjoyful to watch. When it comes to gaming, he mostly plays PUBG and GTA V.

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